For a New Year’s party, what food ingredients are suitable for barbeques?

New Year’s celebrations can be done in many ways, including holding a barbecue party with relatives or friends in the yard.

While waiting for the new year, friends can eat various types of food prepared by grilling.

So what ingredients can be used to make a barbecue party?

Actually, to make a barbecue party you don’t always have to use beef, you know.

There are many other ingredients that can be used and can be processed into delicious food.

Here are several choices of ingredients that can be used to make barbecue.

1. Potatoes

One of the ingredients that can be used for barbecue is potatoes. There are tips for baking potatoes so they don’t wilt quickly, become mushy and break.

Quoted from, one way is to wrap all sides of the ketang with aluminum foil then bake until cooked.

2. Meatballs

Friends, you can also buy ready-to-eat meatballs to be processed into grilled meatballs on Teflon.

Just like corn, meatballs need to be seasoned to make them taste better. Friends, you can smear it with hot soy sauce, if you like.

3. Sausage

Apart from meatballs, you can make beef or chicken sausages into a barbecue menu at home. Slice the sausage so that the seasoning spreads perfectly. Grill over hot coals until cooked.

4. Chicken

One way to cook chicken is to grill it. So this food ingredient could be an option for making barbecue.

Before grilling, clean the chicken and marinate with various spices for a few minutes so that the flavors absorb.

5. Fish

There are many kinds of fish that you can make into a barbecue menu. For example, gourami fish, red snapper, trevally, or pomfret.

Previously, clean the fish from dirt and remove the gills. Clean the scales and marinate with spices first.

After that, bake until cooked and brush with spice rub at the last minute.

6. Seafood

Friends can serve shrimp, squid and lobster for a barbeque menu at home.

You can use various spice rubs for grilled seafood on Teflon. From sweet, spicy, sweet spicy, to fresh sour.

7. Beef

Beef can certainly be an option for barbecue. Friends, you can process it into satay or steak with other accompanying ingredients.

Apart from meat, you can also process ribs into a special grilled menu on New Year’s Eve and go now.